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5 March 2012
15 February 2012
Tired of London, Tired of Life
8 April 2011
BBC UK China
1 September 2009

Book Your Time Out Here

Blackheath Life
November 2008

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San Francisco Chronicle
7 May 2006

Financial Times
8 April 2005

Talking Shop - The Bookshop on the Heath

Book and Magazine Collector
July 2004


Did you see episode 3 & 4 of SPOOKSIt was partly filmed in this shop. Harry Pearce (Peter Firth), concerned that there might be a mole in MI5, who has divulged the existence of  “Sugarhorse”, comes to seek advice from his former boss, Bernard Qualtrough (Richard Johnson), who has retired from the secret service to run a secondhand bookshop in south London. The pair sat at a desk in Qualtrough’s study, eating hardboiled eggs, drinking vodka and deciding on the necessary action. And in the the secret enclave, Harry and Bernard discussed whether Richard Dalby could be the traitor...