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We offer a whole range of exciting out-of-print titles in most subject areas.
They range between fine & rare old books and fine second-hand paperbacks. So, whether you are looking for a £1 paperback or a £10,000 James Bond hardback first edition, we will be able to help you. 

Crime Fiction & James Bond

The complete Ian Fleming James Bond first editions in custom-made box

We carry a large selection of crime/detective/thriller fiction in both paperback & hardback. We usually have a number of classic old green Penguins in stock, whilst most of our hardbacks are dustwrappered first editions.

We are specialists in James Bond and carry a good number of first editions, both in hardback and paperback, as well as reprints. If you are looking to assemble a full set of fourteen Ian Fleming firsts in collectable condition, do speak to us - we've put together several sets for our customers in the last few years and we understand the market very well.

Signed First Editions

A set of signed Margaret Thatcher memoirs in custom-made case.

We have a small section in the shop devoted to signed first editions. These will normally be fine first editions in dustwrapper of a selection of fiction, autobiography, poetry and non-fiction. Some examples are showcased here.


Fine and Collectable Highlights


Fine 1920s/30s Studio Yearbooks in rare, pristine dustwrappers